Villa Les Bains
Rue Du Theatre, 7
1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Container shipments

Shipping containers are one of the quickest and most effective methods of transporting different types of cargo around the world. Grain and oilseed are fast growing industries and are not excluded from reaping the benefits of shipping using cargo containers More

Bulk shipments

Shipping cargo in bulk is a method that has a centuries old history. Due to the geographical location of many countries, this shipping method is the only available option in providing many populations with the necessary goods in many parts of the world. More


The main office of the company is situated in Montreux, Switzerland. The offices of major trading companies providing supply of grain from the markets of producing countries are located in Ukraine and Moldova.


We work for

  • Mediterranean
  • West Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Northern Africa
In 2017 we are keeping development of cooperation with countries of East Asia

We work with

  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Kazakhstan
  • Bulgaria
In 2017 we are expanding our cooperation with Ukraine and Moldova

Trade and logistics

The world market for grain continues to grow and become more competitive. This can especially be seen in the exporter markets, which project the overall agriculture market and show the increased competition for access to reliable logistical solutions as well as the proper infrastructures. In our company we have strong partner integration with manufacturers and commercial companies in several export-countries, mainly in Ukraine and Moldova. Aside from delivering the year-round guaranteed flow of products from these countries, we also have the right access to terminals for loading grain into containers that can carry up to 180,000 tons a year as well as access to unloading docks that can handle 350,000 tons a year. The main priorities of our agricultural placements are firstly cargo shipments of niche products (e.g. coriander, mustard, lupines, etc…) which are only distributed to certain markets where there is demand and secondly delivery of grain in select portions of up to 7,000 tons. The main portions of our sales are realized under the conditions of the CIF and CFR. This type of logistical approach to working with grain allows our company to always be active within the market, continue building a long-lasting business process, and to remain a reliable and stable partner for our clients around the world.


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